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University of Colorado Reports
and Ward Churchill’s Responses

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(Ward Churchill’s statements and responses are in bold.)

Initial Responses to 9/11 Remarks & CU Investigation of “Every Word”

Finding Nothing, CU Launches “Research Misconduct” Investigation

Faculty Review Results, CU Recommendations, Regents' Action

Exhibits to Churchill Submission to Regents

A. Curriculum Vita of Professor Churchill

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The militarist reflex to rely on the war option for post-9/11 security is daily proving itself disastrously dysfunctional . . . American leaders responsible reaffirm their extremism, relying on a brew of fear, demonization, and global ambition to pacify a nervous, poorly informed, and confused citizenry at home.  And where there are expressions of significant, principles, opposition, the impulse of the rulers is often repressive. . . .  Read full letter   

Open Letter Calling on the University of Colorado to Reverse its
Recommendation to Dismiss Professor Ward Churchill

Derrick Bell, Noam Chomsky, Juan Cole, Drucilla Cornell, Richard Delgado, Richard Falk,
Irene Gendzier, Rashid Khalidi, Mahmood Mamdani, Immanuel Wallerstein, Howard Zinn
(New York Review of Books, April 12, 2007)

War on terror or on constitutional rights? 

The attacks of 9/11 have been used as a convenient excuse to implement repressive measures which have long been on the … Read More

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